Lightweight Performance Titanium Mountain Bikes for Children

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Designed through four decades of combined passion and experience

VIVUS Cycles designs Cross Country inspired performance mountain bikes just for children. Taking the best of the best from the market and combining it into a smaller package to provide the high performance characteristics of todays adult mountain bikes to inspire the next generation


Built around the 29er principle that was introduced into adult mountain bikes in 2001, childrens bikes have finally been brought into the 21st century. The geometry provides the perfect balance of comfort and accurate handling to inspire confidence and help them grow...


Designed in Australia from 30 years cycling experience and fabricated in Asia from 10 years Titanium bike frame experience. Our frames our available to you direct from the factory


With certified aerospace grade seamless 3AL 2.5V tubing and Titanium Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding to match the best artisians around the world, VIVUS frames are built to last and be passed onto the next generation...

For further information on a lightweight performance mountain bike frame for your next generation please contact us below.


Perth, WA, Australia


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